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im a 100% sure jordan parrish is actually a secret targaryen


sorry not sorry jon lmao

Reblog if you love Taylor Swift.



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Scott is not your little hero. None of them are. Not when they killed Allison.

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I’ve seen all the Marrish blogs and tags (I love everything omg) but I’ve also seen all the anti Marrish stuff. I’m kinda on the fence about Marrish I ship it dearlyso I’m gonna give the reasons why I do ship Marrish/Jordia.

1. Lydia’s ‘done with teenage boys’image

This is a hint, definitely….

Parrish and Lydia are the King and Queen of eye sex in Beacon Hills.

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Not without Lydia

a.k.a hope.(for Stydia shippers)

My head says stydia, but my heart screams marrish

You see it? There’s got to be a way to turn it off, right? I don’t know. I don’t know anything about computers from the 1970s. Neither do we.

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best teen wolf lines per season

  • s1: my mom does all the grocery shopping
  • s2: "you're not gay" "I could be?"
  • s3a: she's kinda hot
  • s4: i'm worth 5 dollars??

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